Tropical Wholefoods Organic Pineapple & Cashew Bar (40g) (single pack)

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Tropical Wholefoods Organic Pineapple & Cashew Bar (40g) (Single pack)

有機菠蘿腰果營養麥果巴 (40克) (單件)

Country of Origin: United Kingdom          產地:英國


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Fairtrade and organic snack bar packed full of flavour made with more than 35% sun dried pineapple. Soft bite. No artificial additives, colourings or preservatives. Suitable for vegans. Great food for healthy lunchboxes and for an energy boost


Ingredients: Sun Dried Pineapple (37%), Rolled OATS, Rice Syrup, CASHEW NUTS (9%), Apple Juice, BARLEY Flakes, Sunflower oil


營養資料 Nutrition Information 每件/Per bar

能量/Energy 151kcal (千卡)
蛋白質/Protein 2.3g (克)
脂肪總量/Total Fat 3.7g (克)
飽和脂肪酸/Saturated Fat 0.8g (克)
反式脂肪酸/Trans Fat 0g (克)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrates 26.2g (克)
糖/Sugars 16.7g (克)
膳食纖維/Dietary Fibre 1.7g (克)