Thandi Shiraz Cabernet (375ml)

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Shiraz Cabernet (375ml)
Shiraz Cabernet紅酒 (375毫升)

Country of Origin: South Africa          產地:南非

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From the Mediterranean climate, cool summers, rainfall mostly in winter, the wine is a concentrated, full-bodied modern blend with upfront dark berries and smoky aromas, smooth ripe tannis and a lingering aftertaste. This wine can be served with different kinds of meat, especially match with modern cookery like Fusion cuisines.


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孕育於地中海氣候──夏天清涼、冬天多雨,這款酒是時尚的併配,香濃而豐厚。有強烈的黑莓和煙燻香氣,丹檸成熟而香滑,回甘綿長。本餐酒可以配合不同肉類,特別配合現代烹調如Fusion cuisines(混合菜式)。


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