FAIRTASTE Organic Raw Cane Sugar (700g)

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Organic Raw Cane Sugar (700g)
有機原蔗糖 (700克)

Country of Origin: Paraguay          產地: 巴拉圭

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FAIRTASTE Organic Raw Cane Sugar came from crystallized cane juice in Paraguay. It is made by pressing the sugar cane and bringing its juice to boil then crystallized when cool. The crystals are then processed by spinning in a centrifuge to remove excess water and plant materials while retaining the natural hint of molasses flavour and a golden color. Also, reduced processing means that the sugar contains more nutrients but fewer calories than refined white sugars. This raw cane sugar can be used to replace white and brown sugar and it’s perfect for cooking or making desserts. All natural without chemical additives. Better for the environment, healthier for you!


Ingredients: 100% Fairtrade Organic Raw Cane Sugar

成份: 100%有機原蔗糖

營養資料 Nutrition Information 每100克/Per 100g

能量/Energy 400kcal (千卡)
蛋白質/Protein 0g (克)
脂肪總量/Total Fat 0g (克)
飽和脂肪酸/Saturated Fat 0g (克)
反式脂肪酸/Trans Fat 0g (克)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrates 99.5g (克)
糖/Sugars 99.5g (克)
鈉/Sodium 0mg (毫克)