FAIRTASTE Organic Cashew Brittle (70g)

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Organic Cashew Brittle (70g)
有機腰果糖 (70克)

Freshly made by hand in Hong Kong        香港新鮮製造


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The first locally produced Fair Trade snack. Freshly made in Hong Kong with no additives and preservatives, this crispy and great tasting snack is made with organic cashews from India and the finest organic raw cane sugar from Paraguay. So delicious we guarantee you will come back for more! Suitable for vegetarians.



Ingredients: Fairtrade Organic Cashews (61%), Fairtrade Organic Raw Cane Sugar (39%).


營養資料 Nutrition Information 每100克/Per 100g

能量/Energy 502kcal (千卡)
蛋白質/Protein 9.3g (克)
脂肪總量/Total Fat 28.3g (克)
飽和脂肪酸/Saturated Fat 5.6g (克)
反式脂肪酸/Trans Fat 0g (克)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrates 50g (克)
糖/Sugars 41.2g (克)
鈉/Sodium 11mg (毫克)