FAIRTASTE Organic Black and White Mulberries (40g)

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Organic Black and White Mulberries (40g)
有機黑白桑梅 (40克)

Country of Origin: Uzbekistan        產地:烏兹别克斯坦

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The mulberries are organically grown by small farmers’ groups in Uzbekistan. The fair share of income provided better education, roads and water supplies to their villages. No Preservatives/Additives. Suitable for vegans.


Ingredients: Dried white (60%) and black (40%) mulberries

成份: 白桑梅乾 (60%) 黑桑梅乾 (40%)

營養資料 Nutrition Information 每100克/Per 100g

能量/Energy 336kcal (千卡)
蛋白質/Protein 5.7g (克)
脂肪總量/Total Fat 2.2g (克)
飽和脂肪酸/Saturated Fat 0.5g (克)
反式脂肪酸/Trans Fat 0g (克)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrates 70.3g (克)
糖/Sugars 34.5g (克)
鈉/Sodium 100mg (毫克)