FAIRTASTE Single Serve Drip Coffee Gift Set (10g x 8) NEW

HK$ 98.00

Single Serve Drip Coffee Gift Set (10g x 8) NEW
味嘗-滴漏咖啡包禮盒 (10克x 8) 新

4 PREMIUM series coffee included with the old price


PREMIUM Papua New Guinea Drip Coffee (10g)

PREMIUM Congo North Kivu Drip Coffee (10g)

PREMIUM Rwanda Drip Coffee (10g)

PREMIUM Colombia Drip Coffee (10g)

Indonesia Gayo Drip Coffee (10g)

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Drip Coffee (10g)

Honduras Drip Coffee (10g)

Peru Drip Coffee (10g)


特選滴漏咖啡包-巴布亞新畿內亞丘阿韋 (10克)

特選滴漏咖啡包-剛果北基伍 (10克)

特選滴漏咖啡包-盧旺達 (10克)

特選滴漏咖啡包-哥倫比亞 (10克)

印尼阿齊省卡瑤滴漏咖啡包 (10克)

埃塞俄比亞耶加雪夫滴漏咖啡包 (10克)

洪都拉斯滴漏咖啡包 (10克)

秘魯滴漏咖啡包 (10克)


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FAIRTASTE Coffee employs coffee beans that are organically grown by Fair Trade Co-operatives in developing countries. Each box contains eight packets of single serve drip coffee from different regions. Simply unfold the flaps to rest on the lip of the coffee cup, pour in hot water and let it drips through. A cup of aromatic Arabica Fairtrade Coffee will be ready in no time!? After tasting all the varieties, refill your favourite one with our 200g pack.


100% Fairtrade, Organic Arabica