FAIRTASTE Organic Fair Trade Deglet Nour Date (40g)

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Organic Fair Trade Deglet Nour Date (40g) (Best Before Date: 22-1-2020)
有機椰棗 (40克) (此日期前最佳:22-1-2020)

Country of Origin: Tunisia       產地:突尼西亞

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Grown from farms in Tunisia, the dates are completely sun-dried when they are still on the tree. Sweet, soft and easily digestible. Producing Fairtrade dates provides farmers and their families a secure income. The Fairtrade premium was used for the construction of a composting plant and a water pumping system.


Ingredients: 100% Deglet Nour Date

成份: 100% 椰棗

營養資料 Nutrition Information 每100克/Per 100g

能量/Energy 280kcal (千卡)
蛋白質/Protein 1.9g (克)
脂肪總量/Total Fat 0.5g (克)
飽和脂肪酸/Saturated Fat 0.1g (克)
反式脂肪酸/Trans Fat 0g (克)
碳水化合物/Carbohydrates 65.1g (克)
糖/Sugars 59.5g (克)
鈉/Sodium 0.005g (克)

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