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Coming from South Africa’s Western Cape Province, Thandi is a wine that you can drink every day or serve at festive occasions! Thandi is a Xhosa word meaning “nurturing love”. Share this joy and love with your guests, a bottle of Thandi wine will make your banquet more meaningful!

Founded in 1995, Thandi became the world’s first Fair Trade wine in 2003, meaning that grape growers can get reasonable returns and stable income to gradually improve their livelihood. In addition, the farmers use sustainable farming methods, non-genetically modified crops, and have a person responsible for environmental conservation. Moreover, the company is 55% owned by farmers, so the profits go directly back to the farmers and their communities. For this reason, the farmers place a strong emphasis on agricultural growing and land conservation. Throughout the brewing process, everyone in the community comes together to help. Together, they pull themselves out of poverty.

Thandi’s general manager, Mr. Vernon Henn is a South African black who grew up in a poor family. He started as an intern and watched Thandi grow, therefore he understands the importance of wine quality. He said “We are not a charity. If consumers think our wines are low-quality, they will not buy again. Therefore, it is essential to convince them with our quality. Award-winning Thandi wines are superior in quality, its Chardonnay 2006 won the Bronze Medal (72/199) in the 2008 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show and was commended by judges in the 2008 Decanter Awards.



Thandi的總經理,Mr. Vernon Henn也是一位南非的黑人,生長於貧困家庭。他從見習生開始,拾級而上,見證Thandi的成長,因此,他深明品質的對葡萄酒的重要性,並說:我們不會以善心作招徠,如果消費者試過一次,認為我們的酒的質量不夠好,他們不會再買,所以必需以質量來說服人。酒莊出產的酒品質優越,更屢獲殊榮,包括:Sauvignon Blanc 獲2008 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show – Bronze Medal (72/100)及2008 Decanter Awards – Commended。