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FAIRTASTE Organic Earl Grey / Jasmine Bottled Iced Tea

FAIRTASTE Bottled Iced Tea. Good Taste Redefined. Freshly brewed using our secret recipe, bottled in recycled plastic bottles. A natural taste of freshness.

細味公平有機伯爵 / 茉莉樽裝茶

公平伯爵 — 重新定義好茶!從茶葉的有機種植,經公平貿易,秘方製茶,再新鮮注入用重造物料製成的瓶。每口好茶,也散發出最樸實的茶香,天然清新的好茶,為身心注滿正能量!

FAIRTASTE Organic Earl Grey Tea

Tea farmers used the income from selling Fairtrade tea to build a secondary school which can accommodate 250 students. They also set up a Mother’s Club to provide family planning for women and teaching pregnant women on infant care. The farmers also used the social premium to build a computer center, set up microcredit programs and research on using greener alternative fuels.




FAIRTASTE Organic English Breakfast Tea

In the Darjeeling region in India, tea farmers also benefit from Fair Trade. They used the profits from selling Fair Trade tea to build a computer center, and converting to organic farming has improved their working environment too.

“Converting to organic has made a vast difference to our lives. Before, chemicals were hampering our health. It was like poison. We used to fall sick quite often with coughs, headaches and chest pains. The chemicals were so strong and we didn’t have masks. Now we can breathe fresh air again.” said Juran Bhandari, a female manager of Darjeeling tea garden.


在印度的大吉嶺地區,茶園員工也因公平貿易而受惠。他們透過公平貿易所賺到的利潤興建了一所電腦中心,而且有機生產更改善了他們的工作環境。茶園女經理Juran Bhandari說:「以前,化學肥料就像毒物一樣,嚴重影響我們的健康。我們又沒有任何保護衣物去保護身體,經常會咳嗽和感到頭痛和胸口痛。轉為有機種植後,我們終於可以呼吸新鮮的空氣了。」

FAIRTASTE Organic Green Tea

When asked the 60 year old farmer, Xue Yuqing, how he feels to join the Fair Trade Tea Growers Cooperative, he frankly replied “it gives me convenience and material benefit!”

Convenience – because he no longer needs to walk all the way into town looking for buyers. Now, the co-op comes to his village to buy directly from him.

Material benefit – because his tea used to lose its market after the first harvest. Now, the co-op acquires the second and third harvest at a reasonable price, giving him a steady income.






FAIRTASTE Organic Jasmine Tea

“After joining the tea farmer association, I do not have to worry that my tea won’t sell. My tea sells at a better and more stable price, and my children can go to school to receive better education.” said Mr. Zha, a member of the Dazhangshan Organic Tea Farmer Association.

The co-op is responsible for promoting organic farming as well as selling and price negotiations with buyers. The tea generally sells at 30-50% higher than market price which provides the farmers a more stable and reasonable income.



Clipper Organic Chamomile Infusion

Clipper was founded over 25 years ago. Since launching the first Fairtrade tea in 1994, Clipper keeps creating and introducing new blends. All the teas are sourced from the best organic tea estates in Africa, India and Sri Lanka. Clipper prides itself in being “natural, fair and delicious”. Its products are made with pure and natural ingredients with no added artificial, and their tea bags are made from unbleached papers.

Clipper 有機洋甘菊茶