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Traidcraft Honey

Apicoop is Traidcraft’s honey supplier. Apicoop helps local beekeepers with low-interest loans and market access. Local beekeeper, Sonia Chicao said that joining Apicoop has improved the quality of life for her and her family. She will use the additional income for her son to learn driving, so that he can get a job easier in the future.

Apicoop為Traidcraft的蜜糖供應商。Apicoop會資助當地的蜂農進行低息貸款,又會協助他們發展事業。當地的蜂農Sonia Chicao說公平貿易令她們生活質素有所改善。她更打算把公平貿易所帶來的額外收入給她的兒子學習汽車駕駛,方便他日後找工作。

Traidcraft Organic Strawberry Jam

This jam is made with organic strawberries with Fair Trade sugar. Otisa is a trading company for organic sugar in Paraguay with a history of over 13 years. It aims to help the poor regions develope by means of Fair Trade and organic farming. Salvador Delgadillo Rotela and his family is one of the suppliers of Otisa who benefits from Fair Trade. They intend to use the Fair Trade premium on local infrastructure and research on the feasibility of local power use.

Traidcraft 有機橙皮果醬

此果醬是以有機草莓加上公平貿易的糖而製成。Otisa是一間超過十三年歷史的巴拉圭有機糖貿易公司。他們的宗旨是以公平貿易和健康的有機產品去幫助貧窮地區發展。Salvador Delgadillo Rotela和他的家人就是Otisa的供應商之一,他們也從公平貿易中受惠。他們打算把公平貿易基金用於地區的基建設施,更研究電力在當地使用的可行性。