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Canaan Fair Trade

According to Abu ‘Asim, a farmer from the village of ‘Asira al Shamaliya, the life of a farmer is all about patience. “A person from the city may watch me pick olives and think it is an impossible job but every year, I pick thousands of olive fruits one by one.” Maintaining a land requires financial investment, a lot of time and labour. With the new Fair Trade practices, Abu ‘Asim finds himself able to maintain his land while investing not just in its soil but also in his own future. “I feel more mobile since I became a member of our local Fair Trade Coop. I have opportunities to travel to other villages to meet other farmers, and I am paid fairly which allows me to invest in myself. Now, my perspective has expanded. This mobility offers me new opportunities and a sense that I can learn new things and make something of my life.”

In the past, just like other farmers, Abu could not afford to build a house or send his kids to school. Now, he is able to do so. Today, his two sons have graduated from college, and his youngest daughter is about to finish ninth grade. He is very pleased that “now it is possible for me to offer my children education so they can start their own lives.”

Canaan Fair Trade農民Abu ‘Asim認為農民最重要是懂得忍耐。「每年我要撿數以千計的橄欖,城市人一般會說這是不可能的,但我卻一個一個的採收。」要照料土地,農民需要投入大量的人力,時間及金錢。隨著公平貿易的協助,阿布發現自己投資的不只是土壤,更是他的未來。「成為了公平貿易合作社的一員,我有機會前往其他村落與農民交流。現在,我的視野擴大了,我能學習新的東西,更能為生活創出一點新思維。」從前阿布跟他村莊的農民一樣,買不起房子,不夠錢送他們的孩子上學,現在他卻能夠完成!今天,他的兩個兒子已經大學畢業,他的小女兒也即將完成中學課程。「我可以為子女供書教學,使他們能夠發展自己的生活。」

Traidcraft Fair Trade Organic Penne Pasta

The farmers who produced the quinoa used in Traidcraft’s pasta are members of Anapqui. Anapqui is the umbrella organisation of seven regional cooperatives. Most producers also cultivate potatoes and beans for their own families and keep llamas or sheep. Anapqui pays them a good price and this helps them to stay in their home area when others have to migrate in search of a better income.