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FAIRTASTE Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee

“In the past, we may go a long way but still cannot find a good coffee buyer. Since joining the cooperative, it helps us to negotiate for a good price! The primary school that my six children go to is constructed using Fairtrade Premium.” – Bayene Wako, Coffee farmer, Yirgacheffe


Bayene Wako是這包咖啡的生產者之一,「從前走很遠的路,也未必找到好的咖啡買家;自加入合作社後,它幫我們爭取很好的價錢!我六個孩子所讀的小學,也是以公平貿易資金興建的。」

FAIRTASTE Indonesia Gayo Coffee

Fair Trade not only brings price stability, it also gives the producers a Fairtrade Premium to improve their local community. The farmers’ cooperative invested the Fairtrade Premium in community projects such as the construction of local infrastructure, improvement of farming techniques, and the support of local education.



FAIRTASTE Nicaragua Coffee

Created in 1993, PRODECOOP represents the interests and well being of its 2,300 members, 30 percent of whom are women. PRODECOOP supports many social projects to improve the livelihood of the producers, such as food support programs and food safety training. It also provides training on agricultural management and the restoration of coffee trees to enhance productivity.




FAIRTASTE Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee

“Since the cooperative obtained Fair Trade certification, the coffee that I grow can get a reasonable price.” – Alcides Martine, Coffee farmer, Sidamo

The co-op that he joined is famous for garden coffee in which the coffee trees are organically grown in low density in coffee gardens.


農民Alcides Martine說:「因為合作社得到公平貿易認證,我所種植的咖啡可以獲得合理的收購價。」他所加入的農民合作社是以庭園咖啡種植方式盛名,以低密度和有機的方式於庭園內種植。

FAIRTASTE Honduras Coffee

“I hope to build a better house for my family, my children can grow up to become a professional, and that I can help people who are less fortunate than me. Fair Trade has made this dream possible to me.” – Jose Marel Portillo, member of COCAFCAL. COCAFCAL is located in western Honduras, it aims to reduce poverty and increase the living standard of their community by gathering small-scale farmers to grow organic and fair trade coffee.


「我希望可以為家人建立一個更好的房子,孩子長大後能成為專業人士,而我能幫助比我不幸的人。公平貿易使這個夢想成為可能。」Jose Marel Portillo是COCAFCAL農民。COCAFCAL聚集小農戶一起種植有機和公平貿易的咖啡,減少貧困和改善農村社區的生活。COCAFCAL的成立,已令約2500人獲益。


FAIRTASTE Espresso Blend Coffee

Because of Fair Trade, coffee farmers in Yirgacheffe are able to send their children to school while coffee farmers in Gayo learnt new growing techniques.



FAIRTASTE Guatemala Coffee

Fedecocagua cooperative was established in 1969 in Guatemala to improve the position and living standard of small-scale farmers by introducing their coffee to the global market. It also supports its members with capacity building and training to help them meet international standards and improve the quality and productivity of their coffee.





FAIRTASTE Mexico Coffee

Huatusco was established in 1992 by a group of small-scale farmers who wanted to lift themselves out of poverty. Now it has 1908 members, among them 600 women. The co-op has used the premiums from Fairtrade and organic coffee to build educational facilities and health centers. It has also implemented a plant renewal program to conserve ecology by training its members to plant under the shade, as well as improving and expanding its scale of organic farming.



FAIRTASTE Decaf Coffee

This balanced blend of Honduras, Peru and Mexico coffee beans brings a better life to the farmers in three developing countries. After decaffeination, the coffee is a good choice for people with caffeine sensitivity as well as heavy coffee drinkers.




Clipper Organic Medium Roast Instant Coffee

Clipper products are made with pure and natural ingredients with a clear conscience. It uses only the highest-quality sources with no added artificial. Clipper strives to improve the welfare of workers and it works only with producers who are striving to improve standards of welfare for workers and their families. No wonder Clipper tastes so good!

Clipper 有機中度烘焙即溶咖啡