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Divine Chocolate was awarded Best Social Enterprise 2007. Cecilia is a member of the Kuapa Kokoo Cooperative in Ghana, West Africa. She was the first recorder in her village, which is responsible for weighing the beans, paying the farmers, and checking the quality of the beans. She hopes people will continue to support Fair Trade and Divine Chocolate, so that they can have more income to invest in educational projects for poor women to lift them out of poverty.

Divine朱古力公司於2007年獲選為英國最佳社會企業。Cecilia Appianim是西非加納人,亦是Divine的其中一名股東。她是加納村莊的第一位女性記錄員,負責收購可可豆,向農民展示他們可獲得多少報酬,並且檢查可可豆,確保品質優良。她希望各位能繼續支持公平貿易,並支持Divine朱古力,這樣,她們便可以得到更多資金,為與她一樣出身貧困的加納婦女,提供更多教育項目,改寫她們的命運。

Equal Exchange Organic Cocoa Powder

The National Confederation of Dominican Cacao Producers (CONACADO) is an organization of small-scale cacao producers in the Dominican Republic.

Pedro Santo Gil said “Since we joined CONACADO, it has improved the living conditions for me and my family. Before, when cocoa production drops, we need to survive on loans, we even have to sell our house to pay back the loans. Now we can get low-interest loans without pledge. Also, we grow our cocoa organically, so the quality has improved greatly. In addition, CONACADO helps me to transport the cocoa. Now I can get a fairer return!”

Equal Exchange一向與比較小規模的農民合作,其中一個合作社CONACADO (the National Confederation of Dominican Cocoa Producers)位於多明尼加共和國,當Pedro Santo Gil說:「我們自從加入CONACADO後,我和家人的生活水平提高了。以往當農作物失收時,我們需要借貸度日,更試過要賣房子來償還貸款。現在我們既能獲得一筆低息貸款,又不用拿任何物品作抵押。加上我所種植的可可粉都是以有機方式生產,貨物的質量又提高了,而且CONACADO會協助運輸工作,我可以獲得更公平的回報了!」。