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Traidcraft Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Joyce Chibouro is a cane grower and a member of Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Ltd (KCG) in Malawi, which supplies sugar to Traidcraft’s Geobars. Since certification as a Fair Trade cooperative in 2003, the farmers have been benefiting from Fair Trade premium investments in their community, including a stable supply of electricity and clean water. Joyce wants to provide the best for her son, she said “I want my baby to have a good future. If I am able to get more money, I could send him to high school so he may stand by himself in the future.”



為了讓孩子有更美好的將來,我會把多出來的收入拿來付孩子的高中學費。公平貿易真的帶了很多好處給我們!」Joyce Chibouro是住在馬拉維的庶糖農民,她更是Traidcraft的糖供應商The Kasinthula Cane Growers’ Association (KCG)的會員。2004年,Traidcraft到當地教導農民關於公平貿易知識的概念,又指導他們如何運用公平貿易所帶來的額外收入去改善社區生活。此額外收入幫助了當地農民去犁地、找到穩定供應的電力和食水。


Traidcraft Geobars

The honey in all Traidcraft Geobars came from beekeepers at the Apicoop co-operative in Chile. Local beekeeper, Celia, is a mother of five children. Joining Apicoop has improved the quality of life for her and her children.

Apicoop helps local beekeepers with low-interest loans and market access. Now, Celia participates in Apicoop’s university program, and she also works at Apicoop’s lab on plant research.



Traidcraft Stem Ginger Cookies

Mr. Abilash K.K. is a small-scale farmer in Southern India. The purchase from Traidcraft means he has a new market and can grow an extra crop in addition to pineapples. He said “The ginger crop has blessed me, my family and fellow farmers. The benefits of Fair Trade we get through the association with Traidcraft, has finally resulted in improvement of our living standards.”

It also established an experimental fruit-processing factory, to add value to local production. It employs about 60 people. It is a public limited company, with 70% of the shares owned by local farmers, the other 30% by the Government of Kerala.


Mr. Abilash K.K是住在印度南部的農民。Traidcraft購買他們的產品,使他在種植菠蘿以外,擁有一個全新的市場,收入自然大大提升。他說:「種植公平貿易的薑令我和其他農民得著很多。而在Traidcraft協助下設立的農民合作社,改善了我們的生活水平,讓我們能夠自主生活。」此外,合作社於印度南部設立了一間專門處理水果加工的工廠,並雇用了約六十人,以公眾共有限公司形式運作,當地農民佔有該工廠70%股權,促進當地就業。